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    Company Name: Jiangsu Linzhi Shanyang Group Co., Ltd.
    Domestic Phone:
    0086-510-88266560 88266556
    Shanyang Plastic glory
    2006 to meet the fierce market competition, the company invested more than 20 million, to acquire 20 specialty presses in Taiwan, was founded Shanyang Plastic Corporation.
    Shanyang Plastic Industry after its establishment, the company has spent heavily to develop several sets of motorcycles, electric cars die. Production of electric cars, motorcycles and other exterior plastic parts mainly. Since a year's time, Shanyang Plastic Industry has made remarkable achievements. Gradually become the company's main economic growth.

    Up to now there are centuries Lin Ying, Aibo Shi, Wang Ying Nyingchi Nyingchi 800, 600 and other sets of Nyingchi professional mold. Nissan and has more than 2,000 sets of production capacity.

    Shanyang Group in the joint efforts of all staff. Shanyang plastic industry is bound to a new attitude for the Shanyang Group glory.
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